5 ways to make a small bathroom appear bigger

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When working with spatial constraints, it is important to optimise the area available whilst using interior design principles to make the space appear larger than it actually is. By implementing space-saving fittings and a well-designed layout, it is possible to create the illusion of a larger and more spacious bathroom. Be inspired by these architectural design ideas when renovating your small bathroom!

1. Wall hung toilets

Increasing the amount of visible floor space is one way to make your bathroom feel larger. Wall hung toilets are a great solution for small bathrooms by freeing up extra floor space. For very small bathrooms, it is also worthwhile to consider short projection pans. Franklins offers an extensive range of compact wall hung pans designed to suit even the smallest of bathrooms.

VitrA Sento Wall Hung Pan

2. Wall hung vanities

The same concept applies to vanities and storage spaces. Selecting efficient, space-saving storage solutions is key when designing a small bathroom. Large, oversized cabinetry can have a negative effect and make a small bathroom appear even smaller. A great option is a wall-mounted vanity with an integrated washbasin – this creates a larger floor area and provides sufficient room to store toiletries.

Marta Vanity

3. Mirrors

Another way to exaggerate space is a mirror cabinet. Reflective surfaces are a great option because they expand interiors and create an illusion of depth. In addition, mirror cabinets also have the advantage of hidden storage space. Franklins offers a wide range of high-quality cabinetry in various sizes and finishes to perfectly complement your small bathroom.

4. The right bath/shower

An important aspect to consider is the amount of space taken up by a shower and/or bath. However, designing for a small bathroom shouldn’t come at the expense of style or comfort. At Franklins, we have a range of baths and showers perfectly suited to smaller bathrooms.

Bette Space is a brand new bath concept designed especially for small and medium sized bathrooms. The bath’s compact, trapezoid shape makes the most of available space without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

Bette Space S Drop in Bath

Combining the bath and shower is an easy way to simplify the bathrooms and create more space. To free up even more room in the bathroom, consider completely replacing a bath with a shower. Franklins has a number of shower and bath options to suit any bathroom regardless of size.

5. Colours and textures

When renovating a small bathroom, it is also important to take into account colours and textures that will make a space feel more expansive. Light colours and plenty of natural light will make a room seem more open whereas dark colours may have the opposite effect. Light reflecting surfaces such as glass, mirrors, and products with gloss finishes will also contribute to brightness and spaciousness.

To achieve the perfect small bathroom renovation, careful consideration must go into the layout, fittings, and design styles. Franklins has all of the products and expertise to help create the perfect bathroom regardless of your needs.

Author: Courtney

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