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Our family has provided premium bathroomware for New Zealand architects, homeowners, developers, builders, and plumbers for over 65 years.

This experience has shown us the lasting legacy of quality.  From the durability and safety that comes from high quality base materials, to the superior functionality of German engineering. From the time-consuming hand-crafted finishes passed down through generations of family artisans, to the sustainable practices that underpin many of our European manufacturers.

Pictured: James, Stephen, Trent, and Connor Smith.

It’s not just the aesthetics and performance of our products that stands up to your scrutiny, it’s also the accountability that comes from being a family business. We value that many of our manufacturers are also family businesses just like ours, and that we share a common goal to create a continuing legacy of lasting quality, with integrity, to all of our customers.

Our Story

We are proud to be the exclusive agents for Europe’s finest bathroomware.

Each of the brands that we represent has impressive credentials – from artisanal craftsmanship using some of the most indulgent materials available, to precision engineering and performance. And of course, they all carry the unmistakable sophistication of style and design that Europe is renowned for.

Franklins imports beautiful, high quality plumbing and bathroom products from all over Europe straight to New Zealand. Our 14 exclusive brands come from ; Portugal, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Poland and Turkey. 


The tapware industry is alarmingly unregulated when it comes to drinking water quality. Franklins is here to make this a top priority and be trade leaders in this sector.


We select our products at the world’s leading trade fairs; ISH, Salone de Mobile and Cersaie Bologna. These products are not only visually stunning but also intuitive and technologically advanced.


We focus on our products, our service, and our impact on the industry. Every day we ask how we can strive to do to better, continuously improving and exceeding ourselves.  

Our History

Franklins was founded over 65 years ago, in 1954, by the late Peter Smith. Peter’s goal was simple: to supply the market with high-quality products. Today, Franklins has 3 generations of experience in bringing high quality and innovative plumbing and bathroom products to New Zealand.

Franklins is now run by Peter’s son, Stephen Smith, with the help of his sons, James, Connor and Trent Smith. Being a family business means Franklins have long term goals to change the industry for the better. We don’t merely think from one quarter to the next, but from generation to generation. 


Franklin Plumbers and Builders Supplies Limited was started as a very small wholesaler in 1954 on Franklin Road, Pukekohe, by its founder Peter Smith. The building had a small road frontage and storage area. It supplied predominantly plumbers and builders with their general supplies and serviced the local Franklin district. At this time Franklins supplied both door hardware, paint and other common hardware along with its plumbing supplies.



Franklin Plumbers and Builders Supplies Ltd relocated 50 metres up the road from its original location into a new, purpose made building including a retail showroom. This was unusual for time period, bathroomware retailing was in its infancy. In these early days there were only 6 staff. Franklin’s was one of a few companies that had a Retail Showroom. Colour options began entering the marketplace during this time and during the 1970’s.



Franklin Plumbers and Builders Supplies Ltd created its first official logo and refurbished the existing shop frontage. It also purchased a number of adjoining lots including an old Villa built around the 1900’s and a Panel Beating Shop.
These buildings became additional warehousing.



Franklins redeveloped the building and site into a single Warehouse and Office/Administration hub to complement their new push into an International Procurement Supply Model. In 1995 Franklin’s broke the traditional way of procurement by working with high-end brands from Europe rather than local manufacturers or importers. Franklin’s built its supply chain to reach over 20 International Supply Partners and quickly outgrew the new warehouse. Franklins expanded to a total of 6 warehouses around Pukekohe.



Franklins re-designed its Head Office/Warehouse on Stadium Drive Pukekohe. The building was modernised. It was during the early 2000’s that Franklins released its new Logo and Slogan in Black and White.



Franklins decided in January 2020 that it could no longer function logistically working from 6 warehouse locations within Pukekohe. It announced to the Franklins group of companies a major change. Franklins signed a long term lease with Goodman’s to move to a new Logistics Centre based in Waiouru Point within the Goodman Industrial Estate, off Highbrook Drive, East Tamaki. This new location consists of 2 buildings with a total warehouse space of 3800 sq. m and accompanying offices of 600 sq. m.

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