Baths: Selecting the right material for you

When it comes to choosing a bath, you want to choose well, not only is it the place where you’ll come to relax and unwind, it is likely to be the main feature in your bathroom. It is important to find a harmony between comfort, style, and budget. At Franklins, we can offer a huge range of styles of baths thanks to the versatility of our supplier’s materials.

Glazed Titanium Steel: Only a diamond is stronger

Since 1952 Bette has been combining natural materials: steel, and glass, to create their highly resistant enamel. Harder than marble plastic or steel alone, Bette’s glazed titanium steel combines the freedom of form with the unique properties of glass. Resulting in a wide range of designs and colours, including drop-in, free-standing, and highline baths, read more about Bette’s bath styles here.

Along with the strength of Glazed Titanium Steel, the material is very hygienic and easy to clean, the non-porous surface prevents bacteria, dirt and spills from adhering to the surface. Another unique property of a steel bath is its heat conductivity. As the bath fills with hot water the heat will spread throughout the entire bath, even the parts not in contact with water. Warming you up faster and keeping your bath hotter for longer.

Heat resistant, chemical resistant, and UV resistant, Bette makes the bath that will last. They guarantee their products with a 30-year warranty, aiming to create products that last generations. Glazed titanium steel is 100% recyclable and will stand the test of time making a Bette bath a fantastic sustainable choice.

MINERALICAST®: Cast Dolomitic Marble

Developed over 35 years ago, MINERALICAST®, is one of the most reliable and unique cast materials available. The main component of the material is powdered dolomitic marble that consists of 96% calcium magnesium carbonate, which is a natural mineral, known as “dolomite” – CaMg(CO3)2. Dolomitic marble is a metamorphic rock formed by natural transformation (metamorphism) and estimated to be over 500 million years old.

The powder is produced by disintegrating and purifying genuine dolomitic marble. During the production process, the powdered dolomitic marble is mixed with a dedicated resin creating a strong casting filler. The external surface of each casted product is covered by an exclusive sanitary Gelcoat coating for perfect surface finish and performance. This process means there are very few design limitations for Marmorin’s freestanding baths.

This combination of materials creates unique composite material – MINERALICAST®. Its chemical and physical properties allow for the manufacturing of high-quality products of almost unlimited shapes and efficient technical and functional features.


If you are on a budget, we do carry a range of drop-in and freestanding acrylic baths which will suit most bathroom styles. The main things you miss out on with an acrylic bath are the unique material properties that the other options offer. Being plastic, it doesn’t have the same heat retention as steel or cast dolomitic marble baths meaning the bath will cool down faster. Acrylic baths can be sensitive to certain chemicals and cleaning products, it also can scratch and discolour over time. However, they are a fantastic cost-effective solution for projects on a budget and are available in a range of bath styles

Choosing your material: Style

The first decider would be what style of bath do you want? Are you wanting to make a statement with a freestanding bath or is space-saving a higher priority?

Drop-in or back-to-wall baths can be fantastic space savers when compared to some freestanding baths. They are built into / tuck in right up against the wall reducing the amount of open space around the bath that can be hard to clean. Another benefit of a drop-in bath is that they are less expensive. An acrylic or Glazed titanium steel drop-in bath could be a great solution for lower-budget projects.

Freestanding baths are a statement. Available in all the materials we have discussed, they can make the area feel more spacious. You can get more creative with the placement of a freestanding bath. There’s no need to be against a wall or on a plinth, it could be placed in the middle of the room if the plumbing allows.

Due to their casting process, Marmorin can only create freestanding baths. Meaning if you are drawn to the unique properties of Marmorin’s Cast Dolomitic Marble: MINERALICAST®, you may need to be intentional about designing it into your bathroom space whether this is a renovation or a new build.

The other option is Bette’s highline bath. Being relatively new to the New Zealand market a highline bath will definitely be a unique feature in your bathroom. Built into the floor or a plinth the highline bath makes a statement similar to a freestanding bath, but with a twist. This style does have a limited choice of material as Bette is the only manufacturer who can produce them due to the freedom of form of their material: Glazed titanium steel.

Choosing your material: Price

The next consideration would be the price point. Acrylic will be the cheapest option no matter the style but will not last as well as cast dolomitic marble or glazed titanium steel. However, paying slightly more for your bath when you install it could make cleaning and maintenance of the bath much easier and reduce the risk of needing to replace it in the future.

We have created a series system to help you find the right bathroom products to suit your budget and design requirements.

Products in the Home Series are visually appealing and of high quality whilst offering a more affordable price tag. These products will not disappoint either aesthetically or functionally.

An extensive and highly diverse range of products that set new standards and meet unique style demands. The living series comprises of beautiful and innovative products that will truly enhance a bathroom setting.

Edition products provide the perfect unity of uncompromising design and functionality. This range of products presents extraordinary stylistic concepts and are second to none. This is a range of unique products that considers design as an attitude toward life.

Choosing your material: Weight

The weight of your bath is something that needs to be considered. They can be very heavy especially when filled with water, this should be something to consult your builder about as a heavy bath may need extra re-enforcement in the floor or bath frame. A free-standing bath will always weigh more than a drop in bath simply because there is more material involved. In terms of weight or material Cast Dolomitic Marble is the heaviest, followed by Glazed titanium Steel then Acrylic is the lightest.

Hopefully, this article has highlighted some important things to consider when purchasing a bath and informed you about the benefits of the different materials we offer here at Franklins. Come into one of our design studios today to see these materials in the flesh and one of our Design Consultants can help you to find the bath that is right for you

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