Bette Sensory: The Invisible Bath Overflow

Bette has been innovating the bathroom since 1952. This family-owned and operated company combines the best of Germany’s innovation and engineering to produce state of the art baths, basins and shower trays for the bathroom. Their unique material: Glazed Titanium Steel not only provides incredibly durable products to last for generations; it offers freedom of form. This enables Bette to design products without the limitations that some other materials have, resulting in incredible baths, basins and shower trays for your luxury bathroom.

One of Bette’s latest innovations is Bette Sensory, a specially developed invisible overflow for the LuxShape bath. The Bath drain and overflow are combined in one element. The specially designed electric controls with an integrated pressure sensor opens the plughole as soon as the water has risen beyond a certain level. Hidden beneath the base of the tub, the electric fitting is truly aesthetic. The lack of a visible overflow means that nothing detracts from the beauty of the bath design.

The design of the BetteLux Shape is flowing and natural from an organic basic shape and extremely filigree outer edges. Powder-coated steel frames bring out all the beauty of the bathtub and keep it weightless in the room. BetteSensory means that nothing distracts from the design of the bath underlining the idea of perfect reduction.

Mix and match Bette’s Lux Shape Bath in gloss black or gloss white with a black or white frame to perfectly complement your dream bathroom. Get in touch with one of our amazing design consultants about finding a Bette solution for your bathroom

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