Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands.

Founded in 1885, Geesa is a market leader in the Netherlands. Designing, developing, producing and supplying bathroom accessories is what they have been doing with passion and dedication for over 135 years. Geesa is a specialist in high-quality bathroom accessories with a well-considered design and an eye for detail. 

It's all in the details

Geesa love and support design, and the combination of a magnificent design with a functional application. It is their profession to devote 100% attention to the details of the bathroom, which Geesa has done since 1885. This comprises their main activity and passion.

Beautiful and Functional

Geesa’s bathroom accessories can be found in the world’s best-known hotels and largest cruise ships, where their products are used intensively. And where their accessories must meet the highest requirements when it comes to functionality, design, installation and ease of use.

15 Year Warranty

Geesa’s choice of 12-micron nickel and chromium layer material allows for a lasting warranty period of 15 years.

Quality Control

Geesa has an in-house quality department where they conduct extensive product and material testing. All sourced parts go through a quality check.

Corrrosion Resistant

Most of Geesa’s products are made from heavily chrome-plated brass, which ensures that they remain corrosion-resistant for many years.

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