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New Product Release - April 2019

High Performance For a Low Budget: HansaPolo

Where the budget is limited but you don’t want to compromise on the choice of faucet, HANSAPOLO is the perfect range of faucets for you. The characteristic, dynamic and contemporary design can be integrated successfully in a broad range of bathroom designs. The technology and the functionality deliver the goods even after intensive use over many years.

On the safe side

The use of high-quality materials of DZR brass as well as the technologically sophisticated manufacturing (meaning only minimal gap widths, for instance) make HANSAPOLO a reliable faucet solution that helps save water and energy. The low consumption of six litres of water per minute matches current attitudes and is guaranteed. A flow limiter significantly reduces the water flow and prevents overconsumption even where the water pressure is higher.

The Essentials at a Glance

  • Dynamic, modern design.
  • A safe and long-lived faucet solution with an excellent price-performance ratio.
  • Maximum comfort thanks to tall spout.
  • Long, convenient lever for easy operation.
  • Conserves water with only 6 l / min flow rate.

The Products 

Arrived April 2019 from Germany