Designed in Germany.
Manufactured in Europe.

HANSA supplies the best quality in the market: A commitment that they have set themselves and is the standard on which customers base their evaluation. They meet this standard with both passion and purpose: providing products whose design, material, finish, and technology continue to set new benchmarks.

Experience Water

The HANSA brand encompasses the idea of designing water as well as fittings. An idea that hits home wherever there is water: across nations and borders and into the four corners of the earth. HANSA is striving to create the perfect unity of design and functionality. Reflected in their fittings that are as functional as they are fascinating, making both possible: to use and experience water

Trade's No. 1 Brand

Georgios Kabitoglou, Chief Business Officer for the HANSA brand and Hans Georg Pauli, chief editor, markt intern (right). Photo: Hansa Armaturen GmbH

The success story continues: since the questionnaire began in the history of the mi-Services Review for Sanitary faucets, HANSA has held the top position every time. And that’s how it was again this year. HANSA was selected as the winner for the 21st consecutive time and therefore remains the “Trade’s No. 1 Brand” in Germany. 

Every two years the trade’s information service “markt intern (mi)” carries out the Services Overview for Sanitary Installations-Taps. In nation-wide questionnaires, craftsmen and distributors are asked how satisfied they are with the services provided by established German faucet manufacturers. The criteria that are to be judged are made up of the categories product, income, services and distribution. 

Sales Arguments

Type of Brass

Hansa use MS63DR Brass. This is premium brass due to low lead content. 63% Copper / 36% Zinc – <0.8% Lead in Basin and <0.3% Lead in Kitchen Faucets.


Hansa tapware have an open flow cartridge where flow rates are controlled by an elliptical o-ring and honeycomb aerator which maintains a 3bar flow rate if pressure is increased higher.

Comfort & Safety

Hansa Cartridges allow 120° of freedom. This provides the user with greater anti-scald protection with young children who tend not to be so careful when moving from cold to hot.

Nickel Free

For the Chromium to adhere to the brass nickel must be applied first. It is during this process that Hansa block access to all waterways of the body ensuring the faucet is Nickel free.


Hansa has perfected the balance between Nickel (12 Micron) and Chromium (0.3 Micron) to ensure its premium, non-tarnishing finish.

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