Introducing colour into your bathroom

Armando Vicario Industrial Bathroom Tap

Colour can enhance any space and can help to create a more interesting, stylish bathroom environment. When decorating your home, the introduction of colour can completely transform a dull bathroom into a more visually appealing space. Whether you are looking for a bold statement piece or a more subtle pop of colour, Franklins has a selection of beautiful products that will perfectly enhance your bathroom.


Franklins’ brand new range of Armando Vicario tapware (Arriving soon from Italy) is the perfect way to integrate eye-catching colour and outstanding European design into your New Zealand bathroom. Statement tapware can create an interesting focal point in a range of bathroom settings regardless of style. Be inspired by Armando Vicario’s extensive range of bathroom and kitchen tapware available in 11 special finishes. Replace your standard Chrome faucets with a unique finish like Safari or English Gold for added design flair!

Armando Vicario Glam Basin Faucet


When designing a colourful bathroom, cohesion is important element to consider. Available in 10 special finishes that match with the Armando Vicario range, Framo’s Shower Programme is versatile and easily adaptable to suit a range of interior styles. Pair Armando Vicario tapware with a Framo shower in the same finish to create a cohesive colour palette in your bathroom. Available in Overhead Rains, Slide Showers and Shower Towers.

Framo Square Shower Tower
Framo Shower Tower Square


When choosing a basin for your colourful bathroom renovation, Franklins offers a range of options that will brighten up your space. Valdama Italian handcrafted ceramic basins are a great option. Available exclusively at Franklins, Valdama basins go beyond functionality to become a beautiful standout feature in the bathroom. Choose from a range of pastel finishes to create a bathroom unlike any other!

Valdama Seed Vessel Basin 400 x 450 x 150H
Valdama Seed Vessel in Zolfo

New to Franklins, the Bette Craft basin is an award-winning design. This basin is available in Gloss White, Moss Green and 3 ‘Effect Colours’ characterised by their luxurious, shimmering finish. The ‘Effect Colours’, Midnight, Forest, Blue Satin, specially developed by Bette, have opened up a multitude of new and inspiring possibilities for modern bathroom design.

Bette Craft Basin
Bette Craft Basin

Designed and Manufactured in New Zealand, Tomorrow’s Concrete basins present colourful and innovative designs for the bathroom. Tomorrow’s Concrete basins bring a staple talking point into the home by encapsulating excitement, creativity, and design-lead thinking. The Acacia and Ventura basins are available in 8 colours that will bring vibrancy to any bathroom.


For a bath that creates a bold statement in both colour and design, choose Bette Lux Oval Couture. The body of this bath is crafted using enamelled titanium steel, yet the bath panel is made from woven waterproof and climate-resistant fabric. The Bette Lux Oval Couture Bath allows you to get creative and choose between various bath and fabric colour combinations.

Bette Lux Couture Cover
Bette Lux Oval Couture Bath


Bathroom accessories are important for ensuring that a bathroom looks and feels complete. Armando Vicario bathroom accessories, when paired with Armando Vicario tapware and Framo showers create beautiful harmony and cohesion. In addition to this, Tece also offers a selection of coloured flush actuator plates for an extra pop of colour and style. Colours including Red Gold, Antique Copper and Old Brass are available in selected styles across the Tece range.

Tece Square Metal Flush Plates

When designing your next bathroom, Franklins has all of the premium products and expertise to help create the perfect bathroom. Contact us today today to book a design consultation.

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