To avoid providing the readily available, poor quality behind-the-wall plumbing products, Franklins invested in our own manufacturing company – JCT Trade. Quality is the main criteria for the products we produce and to convey the confidence we have in these products, we have literally put our family name on the line. JCT is named after the Smith sons, James, Connor and Trent and the products all carry genuine 25 year warranties.

The brass used has been independently tested in New Zealand and is the best in the country. All JCT products carry the Watermark and meet ASNZ Standards.

The J in JCT covers: PE-Xb, Water MLP and Gas MLP Stainless Steel Pipe Systems
The C covers: Crimp PE-Xa Copper Pipe Systems
The T covers Sliding Sleeve PE-Xa Pipe Systems

JCT also manufactures high quality valves, flanges, brass and plug and wastes. The one product under the JCT name that is outsourced are the flexi hoses which are made by the respected Italian company, MRG.

As we now manufacture, we also have the capacity to create non standard moulds if required.



JCT Pipe Systems

J Pipe System

CT Pipe Systems

Wall Charts

Stainless Steel Crimp

Copper Crimp





JCT Watermark





JCT VICPIC Watermark

BEP-AMI 78002

WM 21844 AS 1260

WM 70008 - AS.NZS 1477

AMI70007 ASNZ1254

Installer / Producer Statement

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