Franklins represents 15 exclusive major European bathroom and plumbing brands, distributing them across the nation and into the South Pacific. Our exclusive products have been sought after for a multitude of high-end projects and housing developments. Franklins will continue to source the finest international plumbing and bathroomware that is available on the world market.

Franklins is comprised of nine branches across New Zealand. There are five branches in Auckland as well as branches in Hamilton, Bay of Plenty, Wellington and Nelson.


“Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards in a rapidly changing world.”
– Lauren Bacall

To quote Lauren Bacall, “Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards in a rapidly changing world.” At Franklins, we reached a stage where we found ourselves doing just that and took a decision as a family to take a hard look at our company. We also considered how we could bring greater value and have more meaningful impact to our industry.

To this end we decided to change our focus: to supplying the public through the trade as our main focus. We decided that to modernise and grow, we had to introduce professionals in various disciplines into our main management structure. The Smith family is still the only shareholder and involved at an executive level but now we have included experts in key fields enhancing management. We have also developed a mission and vision statement and a new slogan in keeping with our new way forward.

These dramatic steps are exciting, but obviously came with a heavy cost. This was both in terms of a huge financial investment and also time educating the trade about our new way forward and how beneficial it is to everyone as we transition into the future.

Another aspect we have tackled is the upgrading our behind the wall products. Franklins have always been known for our outstanding quality front-of-wall products imported from Europe and our reliable behind the wall products, but we decided to go a step further.

As a family we have long been concerned over the problems of poor quality piping going into builds. The problem of piping and tubing causing leaks is a well-documented and ongoing problem. The results have seen ordinary Kiwis experience a lot of trauma, forced small businesses to fold and cost the country a massive amount of money.

Taking the proverbial bull by the horns we literally traveled across the world to find the best tube systems that we are proud to put our name to. We have invested in Viega and Wieland, the only genuinely German manufactured tubing products available in New Zealand that can ensure clean water, and an end to leaky builds. To assist the trade and make it affordable to upgrade to these highest standard products we are making the tools and training available at virtual cost – yet another aspect of our commitment to being a part of the solution.

We have also started rolling out fantastic, high-end design studios, staffed with full time designers to look after plumbers, builders and their clients.

Our footprint is still expanding and we are setting a new bar for plumbing suppliers in New Zealand so be sure to look out for new developments and updates on this website and sign up for notification emails to keep updated and share our exciting journey

Working within the industry, for the industry; to provide Service Excellence, Quality and Innovation.

To revolutionise the industry by inspiring our partners that quality is everything. Without quality, everything means nothing.

It is only because of our customers that our company exists

Never say no, there will always be a solution

Be Proactive, not Reactive. Find the Solution

Effective Communication between Staff and Customers at all times

Not Finance, not Strategy, not Technology, it is Teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage. Both because it is so powerful and so rare

Working FOR the company, not IN the company

We wake up every morning asking ourselves how we can strive to do better. Continuously improving and exceeding ourselves each and every day

Educate and develop our customers and employees so they can go further, faster

We don’t merely think from one quarter to the next but from Generation to Generation

Integrating the three pillars of Service Excellence, Quality and Innovation

Creating a workplace focused on the health, safety and well-being of the employees, the environment, our customers and the communities where we do business

Our commitment to you