Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths make a statement. They’re bold, sophisticated and elegant, effortlessly becoming the star of the bathroom. They are just as fitting in a modest home as they are in an architectural mansion. There’s truly no bathroom feature as chic as a premium freestanding bath. At Franklins European Bathrooms, we supply only the best freestanding bathtubs. We believe in quality materials, innovative engineering and unparalleled style. View our range and fall in love with a freestanding bathtub today.

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Products in the Home Series are visually appealing and of high quality whilst offering a more affordable price tag. These products will not disappoint either aesthetically or functionally.

Price Point: Entry to Mid-Range

Valdama Seed Vessel Basin 430Ø X 130H


An extensive and highly diverse range of products that set new standards and meet unique style demands. The living series comprises of beautiful and innovative products that will truly enhance a bathroom setting.

Price Point: Mid-Range to High-Range


Edition products provide the perfect unity of uncompromising design and functionality. This range of products presents extraordinary stylistic concepts and are second to none. This is a range of unique products that
considers design as an attitude toward life.

Price Point: High-Range to Exclusive