Hansa Alessi Sense Electronic Kitchen Tap (Mains Power)

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ALESSI Sense by HANSA allows for intuitive and controlled use of water. There is a semi-transparent dish at the top of the fitting that you operate like a button. The flow of water is activated by pressing it briefly or for longer. An LED bar that functions like a timer ‘runs out’ accordingly. The flow of water can be stopped at any time by pressing the dish again. This gives you a sense of how long the water actually flows and you learn how to use it more consciously.
Designed by Rodrigo Torres.

Designed and Engineered in Germany (Manufactured in Europe)

• Chrome / White
• Tiptronic, Plug transformer
• Swivel spout, Swivel range limiting option
• Temperature control handle, Flow control handle
• Hidden aerator, Standard aerator
• Mixing valve for manual temperature control
• Solenoid valve, External control unit, Light indicated function(s)
• Flexible inlet pipes
• Software settings adjustable via magnetic key

Flow rate at 300kPa (With flow controller): 8.4 L/min
Hot water supply: max. +70°C
Working pressure: 1 – 10 bar
Connection size: G3/8Automatic Flush: off (off/12/24/48/72)
Automatic Flush Period: 30s (10-600s)
Max. Flow Period: 6s(4s-60s)/60s (30s-600s)Electrical Connection: 230 / 12V
Noise Class: I (ISO3822) Oras labAngle Valves:
2 x SC7103 10 50001 Female or 2 x 97033000 Male


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About the Brand:

Hansa supplies the best quality on the market. A commitment that they have set themselves and is the standard on which customers base their evaluation. They meet this standard with both passion and purpose: providing products whose design, material, finish, and technology continue to set benchmarks. Hansa has been voted trade’s number one brand in Germany for 42 years. It produces a wide range of bathroom taps including touchless sink taps, bath spouts, shower mixers and slide shower systems at the highest quality.

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