Designed and manufactured in Germany.

Schell is a German family-owned and operated company, founded in 1932. Schell products belong in all places where robust, hygienic and resource-efficient solutions are needed. Especially in public, semi-public and commercial sanitary rooms, that experience high numbers of users. Schell’s products all combine functionality with hygiene and good design. 

Responsibility for health

User and drinking water hygiene in sanitary rooms is more important than ever. Achieving consequent sanitary room hygiene is very challenging irrespective of the sanitary room being in a hospital, residential nursing home, school, or similar. This is due to either the sanitary system not being used continually or due to the risk of transferring germs. It is a challenging task that Schell has been committed to for many years. They have been globally regarded as one of the pioneers of technical solutions, who predominantly have one objective: to protect the health of the user.

Water-efficient, Robust and Hygienic

Many Schell fittings can be controlled without contact. This improves the hygiene in heavily used sanitary rooms and also saves water. But that isn’t enough. In products where longer periods of interruption in use occur, additional selectable stagnation flushing for electronically-controlled washbasin fittings also contribute to hygiene. At least 24 hours after use, the fitting trigger a flow of water for approximately 20 seconds to prevent water from stagnating in the pipelines and consequently, germs developing.

SSC - Schell Single Control

Schell’s SSC technology provides advanced control technology and ensures convenient usage and the maintenance of water quality in public bathrooms. SSC allows for the practical and efficient setting of parameters on individual fittings using wireless Bluetooth technology. Parameters can be set on any SSC-compatible SCHELL fitting via the SSC Bluetooth module and the SCHELL Bluetooth app, using point-to-point communication over Bluetooth.

Setting parameters for individual settings manually is both time consuming and error-prone. SSC eliminates both of these issues and ensures an effective, economical and user-friendly system to optimise the workload. Fittings on Schell washbasins, showers, WCs and urinals are all compatible with SSC programming. The SSC Bluetooth module can in each case either be used as a programming unit or left permanently installed on a fitting and connected to its power supply. This type of permanent installation offers additional functions, such as stagnation flushes using an integrated flushing calendar for specific times and days.

Blue Responsibility

Schell is renowned as the pioneer in the field of sustainable fittings. By using Schell products, it is possible to save up to 60% of water. Schell is, along with other leading brand manufactures from the sanitary products sector, the founders of the Blue Responsibility initiative. The Blue Responsibility initiative represents a sustained and future-proof drinking water supply. Schell is committed to the responsible handling of natural resources worldwide. 

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