Tech Week – Innovation in the Bathroom

Tech week is all about celebrating and encouraging innovation across all sectors. At Franklins we are lucky to partner Europe’s leading bathroomware and plumbing companies giving us the ability to bring the latest in bathroom design to NZ. Below we will discuss some of Franklin’s most innovative bathroom products and how they can benefit our kitchen and bathroom spaces.

As the world becomes more digital, with technology that makes our lives easier and efficient, spaces where we exist need to evolve in the same way. Innovations such as motion sensors and Bluetooth on our taps and toilets improve hygiene and the management of public bathrooms. We also see the integration of digitisation elevating private bathrooms to a new level of luxury – think toilets that light up in your ensuite.

Challenging your water usage

ALESSI Sense by HANSA is a series of basin taps and kitchen taps that motivates people to become more conscious of how they use water. It functions based on an intelligent electronic operating system that encourages the user to engage. There is a semi-transparent Touch-Control at the top of the tap that you operate like a button. The tap is opened by pressing gently on top of it, after which it remains open for six seconds. A longer press lights up the LED lights on top of the tap and lets the water flow for a minute unless the faucet is manually closed before that. This gives you a sense of how long the water actually flows and you learn how to use it more consciously. 

Designed by Rodrigo Torres the Alessi range has been the recipient of the Red Dot award and the Good Design award. These faucets enable us to save water in an innovative way, without sacrificing aesthetics and usability.

Hansa Alessi Sense Water Saving Kitchen Tap

The toilet that lights the way

Tece lux mini is an electronic flush plate that utilizes proximity sensors causing the LED flush button to illuminate when a person is approaching the toilet. A slight touch of the finger is all that is needed to actuate the toilet flush – and within a range of 10mm, no contact is required at all. The sleek glass panel perfectly combines functionality and aesthetics. Available in white or black the flat glass panel can be perfectly integrated into the bathroom to suit its design.

Tece Lux Mini Electronic Touch Free Toilet Flush Plate

What the doctor ordered

Hansa developed the Emotion Well Fit shower system with medical specialists, physiotherapists, and other health experts. This shower system makes for an entirely new wellness experience in your own bathroom. It brings the tried-and-tested methods of hot/cold water treatment into private bathrooms – at the touch of a button.

The core component is the HANSAEMOTION thermostat with optional Wellfit function. One of three well-being programmes can be selected by pressing the Wellfit button in the center of the shower thermostat. Each programme has a specific effect on the body that matches what we experience day by day: The RELAX function has a soothing effect with its long hot-water phases and gentle temperature transitions. To get the circulation going and recharge the body with energy, the RELOAD function with its balance of hot and cold stimuli is ideal. With the RECOVER function, intensive cold-water cycles produce a cooling-down effect that can help to relax the muscles, prevent stiffness and in the long term it even strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Hansa Emotion Well Fit Thermostatic Shower Tower

Bluetooth in the Bathroom

Schell has integrated Bluetooth into their tapware and sanitaryware fittings making bathroom management on large-scale applications a breeze. SSC allows for the practical and efficient setting of parameters on individual fittings using wireless Bluetooth technology. After pairing with the target fitting via the Bluetooth® module, the app can then be used for the easy adjustment of fitting parameters such as flow time and sensor range to match your requirements. If several fittings of the same type need to be given the same parameters, these can be stored temporarily in the app and then easily transferred to the next paired fitting. Parameters can be set on any SSC-compatible SCHELL fitting via the SSC Bluetooth module and the SCHELL Bluetooth app, using point-to-point communication over Bluetooth.

Setting parameters for individual settings manually is both time-consuming and error-prone. SSC eliminates both of these issues and ensures an effective, economical, and user-friendly system to optimise the workload. Fittings on Schell washbasins, showers, toilets, and urinals are all compatible with SSC programming. The SSC Bluetooth module can in each case either be used as a programming unit or left permanently installed on a fitting and connected to its power supply. This type of permanent installation offers additional functions, such as stagnation flushes using an integrated flushing calendar for specific times and days as well as logging these flushes. Schell’s SSC technology can save you time and reduce room for error; for large-scale projects, it’s a no-brainer.

Schell SSC BlueTooth Module Bathroom Management system

The idea of perfect reduction

Bette Sensory is a specially developed invisible overflow for the LuxShape bath. The Bath drain and overflow are combined in one element. The specially designed electric controls with integrated pressure sensor opens the plughole as soon as the water has risen beyond a certain level. Hidden beneath the base of the tub, the electric fitting is truly aesthetic. The lack of a visible overflow means that nothing detracts from the beauty of the bath design.

The design of the BetteLux Shape is flowing and natural from an organic basic shape and extremely filigree outer edges. Powder-coated steel frames bring out all the beauty of the bathtub and keep it weightless in the room. BetteSensory means that nothing distracts from the design of the bath underlining the idea of perfect reduction.

Bette LuxShape Free Standing Bath with invisible Overflow

Innovation is the process of continually striving to improve the status quo. Franklins is proud to partner with such innovative companies who are exploring new ways to improve the future of bathroomware. We are honoured to be able to bring these incredible technologies all the way from Germany into the New Zealand market and look forward to what our partners come up with next.

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