Designed and manufactured in Italy.

Valdama is a company located in Civita Castellana. It was created to respond to the needs of a big market offering only “made in Italy” products under the highest standard of design, quality and innovation. Valdama was founded by Daniele Vitali working alongside his sisters Valentina and Marta – thus the name Val-da-ma.

Daily Art Forms

The knowledge of the material and the know-how of ceramic product processing is longstanding. It is based on the experience inherited from their previous family company – called  “Varm” that was founded in 1979 by Gastone Vitali, Daniele’s father, dedicated to the production of fine plates and tableware of excellent craftsmanship, completely handmade.

Prospero Rasulo

Prospero Rasulo

The company relies on the art direction of Prospero Rasulo, a designer and artist with a strong experience in the bathroom sector and a personal approach to the project that has guided the Valdama strategy and the development of an innovative catalog right from the start.

Technique and functionality are the basis of the product development philosophy together with the emotional and sensorial aspect of the material and its forms. Brightness and particular pleasantness to the touch are the salient material effects that characterize Valdama products. The goal is to stand out on the international bathroom scene with a personal stylistic code capable of giving objects of use, consolidated from a typological point of view, a more courtly breath, bringing them closer to becoming small masterpieces of quality and daily harmony.

Production Process

Valdama’s traditional, non-mechanized production makes them unique in their sector. Each piece is followed throughout its creation phase, from the modeling process to the choosing of the item, under the supervision of qualified and certified individuals.

Valdama’s difference and strength is the ability to tailor the forms of the products to create special and unique pieces to satisfy customer’s needs.

Day 1

It all starts with the raw material which is cast into the mould until firm. The time this takes depends on the mould, weather and a lot of little variations that make the product processing unique and hard to replicate. It happens due to the ceramic being a very unstable material.

Day 2-3

The products need to dry completely so there is no humidity left in the raw material. This phase is critical as it reveals any weak products. This process takes 48 hours.

Day 4

Once dried, the products are correctly finished. This means sanding down any blemishes and any other defects are noted that may compromise the final product.  

Day 5

During the drying, fireclay and vitreous china may shrink 2% to 3% from its original size. Therefore details and dimensions of pre-cooked product are checked. Afterwards, the item is sprayed with a product called engobbio. It makes it more linear and smooth to touch.

Day 6

After ENGOBBIATURA the product must dry for 1 day.

Day 7

The product is completely enameled, including the internal overflow channels.

Day 8

After being enameled the pieces need to dry for an entire day.

Day 9

During day 9 the product is cooked in an oven with a temperature that goes from 1240 to 1280 degrees. 

Day 10

The product is checked for any defects and then assigned to different customers. A second Quality control check is made by warehouse workers before it is packaged and ready for export.

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