Designed and manufactured in Turkey.

VitrA is a leading global brand with the widest product range anywhere in its sector, creating total bathrooms that incorporate groundbreaking design concepts and cutting-edge technology.

Environmental Awareness

VitrA’s production of the finest European ceramic sanitary ware began back in 1958 and products are still made on-site in the factory in Turkey. Through an ongoing commitment to quality and environmental awareness, VitrA is the first and only brand in Europe to receive a Type III Environmental Product of Declaration for ceramic sanitary ware.

VitrA Rim-Ex

VitrA’s rimless WC pan technology alleviates one of the most unhygienic aspects of a traditional WC design. The patented VitrA Rim-Ex system features a rimless bowl design that makes cleaning much more efficient and practical. This unique design ensures lasting hygiene by eliminating hidden and hard to clean surfaces where germs can gather and multiply. The patented triple-nozzle water diverter and the smooth curvature of the specially designed bowl give a thorough and 25% more hygienic flush each time.

Rim-Ex Technology

The secret behind Bette Glaze is the strength of its ultra-thin layer. Like glass fibre, it remains flexible and resilient to the usual forces that occur in the bathroom.

VitrA Hygiene

VitrA Hygiene is an ion-rich surface technology that prevents germ multiplcation by inhibiting growth up to 99.9%. The glaze coats all external and internal surfaces of Vitra products.

Practical & Functional

As an innovative, forward-thinking company that pushes boundaries, their expertise lies in designing products that make life easier, better and more fulfilling. For over 60 years VitrA has produced highly desirable and durable bathroom products.

Environmental Awareness

VitrA is driven by their commitment to a sustainable future and the efficient use of water is one of their top priorities. By choosing a VitrA product, you are contributing to saving the world’s natural resources.

Widest Product Range

VitrA has the widest product range in its sector. They produce 5 million ceramic sanitaryware products every year and has become a globally recognised supplier of bathroom products.

Reputation for Innovation

At the heart of VitrA lies the Innovation Centre; a creative hub for ambitious, forward-looking designers and engineers. The meeting of conceptual ideas through design, research and technology.

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