Thank you to everyone who participated in Codeheads 2023. We had a blast, and we hope you did too!

Your enthusiasm added to the excitement, and we appreciate your involvement. We're looking forward to the 2025 season!

One last thank you to all of the 2023 sponsors - this competition is not possible without them!

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Predict, Play & Win

Codeheads is a rugby picking competition hosted by Franklins for our customers. Each week you pick teams to win games and answer questions for points.

It is completely free for Franklins trade account holders thanks to our awesome sponsors.

The competition lasts 8 weeks with a prize giving held in Novermber.

Every week we will have a new rugby challenge for you to show us what you got! We will pick 2 winners each week to receive a Franklins hoodie! (This will not count towards points).

View the weekly challenge on our Facebook page here


Each game has up to 10 points available to win. You can also win points by answering bonus questions.

Correct winner & correct margin = 10 points
Correct winner = 5 points
Bonus questions = 8 points

You must get your picks in before the kick-off of the first weekly game. If you don’t then your picks wont count.

Bonus Points

Each week we will have a series of bonus questions for you to answer. These will give you a chance to get more points and climb up the leader board. Some points can be awarded weekly and some will be added after the final. Please use correct spelling, full names and full words so that your answers are counted.

Be On-Time

Get your picks in before the kick-off of the first game of each round. If you are late (even 1 minute), your picks for the game you are late for do not count.

After the kick-off of the first game of the round, no bonus questions will count.

You can still enter picks for games that have not played yet.


RankFull NameCompanyTotal
1Kevin BellBell Plumbers & Drainlayers Ltd612
2Jarod WattonAquaholics Ltd598
3Sean TomProgrammed Facility Management NZ Ltd594
4Damian FisherFranklins - European Bathrooms589
5Peter CollinPeter Collin581
6Aaron JonesArtizan Homes Ltd580
7Eugene HalpinFranklins - European Bathrooms578
8Zsolt BankiEconomech Services Ltd574
9Jim BellBell Plumbers & Drainlayers Ltd573
10Keryn SoppetIllingworth Plumbing Ltd572


We are excited to announce our sponsors for 2023 whose support has made this competition possible




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