Designed and manufactured in Poland.

Design is part of Marmorins DNA and they have been passing down their love for it in their family for 3 generations. They follow what happens in the design world but don’t just observe. Their production methods constantly undergo an evolution towards being more elastic and custom fitted. They are a rare amalgam of finesse and power of the human mind and modern casting technology.

Design • Experience • Passion • Polish Roots

 Marmorins philosophy was to build themselves up based on the belief that design is important. It has an important influence on life quality and should be available for all people regardless of the variety of their needs. They have been creating beautiful products in their internal studio for years, as well as cooperating with the best polish designers.  

Mineralicast® - Cast Dolomitic Marble

Developed 35 years ago and constantly improved over time, MINERALICAST® is one of the most reliable and unique cast materials on the market. The main component of the material is powdered dolomitic marble that consists of 96% calcium magnesium carbonate, which is a natural mineral, known as “dolomite” – CaMg(CO3)2. The powder is produced by disintegrating and purifying genuine dolomitic marble, which is a metamorphic rock formed by natural transformation (metamorphism) and estimated to be over 500 million years old.

During the production process the powdered dolomitic marble is mixed with dedicated resin creating a strong casting filler. The external surface of each casted product is covered by an exclusive sanitary gelcoat coatings for perfect surface finish and performance. This combination of material components creates unique composite material – MINERALICAST®. Its chemical and physical properties allow to manufacture high quality products of almost unlimited shapes and efficient technical and functional features.

Dolomitic Marble icon

500 Million-year-old Dolomitic Marble

Natural Mineral Icon

High Content of Natural Mineral

Glossy Icon

Glossy Finish

Deaerated icon

Fully Deaerated

Scratch resistant icon

Scratch Resistant

Void free icon

Void Free and Non-porous

Stain resistant icon

Stain Resistant

Clean icon

Easy to Clean

Thermal icon

Thermal Shock Resistant

abrasion icon

Surface Abrasion Resistant

Repairable icon

Repairable and Renewable Surface

Impact icon

Impact Resistant

Hygienic icon


Warm touch icon

Warm to Touch

UV Icon

UV Resistant

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